Composite Element

Composite Elements are used to compose multiple other elements into a single, more complex, grouped object.


class omf.composite.CompositeElement(**kwargs)[source]

Element constructed from other primitive elements

Required Properties:

  • description (String): Description of the object, a unicode string
  • elements (a list of RegularBlockModel, a list of LineSetElement, a list of PointSetElement, a list of SurfaceElement, a list of SurfaceGridElement, a list of VolumeGridElement): Elements grouped into one composite element, a list (each item is an instance of RegularBlockModel or an instance of LineSetElement or an instance of PointSetElement or an instance of SurfaceElement or an instance of SurfaceGridElement or an instance of VolumeGridElement)
  • metadata (ArbitraryMetadataDict): Element metadata, an arbitrary JSON-serializable dictionary, with certain keys validated against ElementMetadata
  • name (String): Title of the object, a unicode string
  • uid (String): Unique identifier, a unicode string, Default: new instance of unicode

Optional Properties:

  • data (a list of ProjectElementData): Data defined on the element, a list (each item is an instance of ProjectElementData)


Data is a list of data. For Composite Elements, only location='elements' is valid. However, Data may also be defined on the child elements