Transfer mapped geological contacts from a GIS software package into a 3D modelling software package to help construct a 3D model.



class omf.lineset.LineSetElement(**kwargs)[source]

Contains line set spatial information and attributes

Required Properties:

  • description (String): Description of the object, a unicode string
  • metadata (ArbitraryMetadataDict): Element metadata, an arbitrary JSON-serializable dictionary, with certain keys validated against ElementMetadata
  • name (String): Title of the object, a unicode string
  • subtype (StringChoice): Category of LineSet, either “line” or “borehole”, Default: line
  • uid (String): Unique identifier, a unicode string, Default: new instance of unicode
  • vertices (Array): Spatial coordinates of line vertices relative to line set origin, an instance of Array

Optional Properties:

  • data (a list of ProjectElementData): Data defined on the element, a list (each item is an instance of ProjectElementData)
  • segments (Array): Endpoint vertex indices of line segments; if segments is not specified, the vertices are connected in order, equivalent to segments=[[0, 1], [1, 2], [2, 3], …], an instance of Array


Data is a list of data. For Lines, location='vertices' and location='segments' are valid.