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Version: 2.0.0a0

API library for Open Mining Format, a new standard for mining data backed by the Global Mining Guidelines Group.


Pre-Release Notice

Version 2 of the Open Mining Format (OMF) and the associated Python API is under active development, and subject to backwards-incompatible changes at any time. The latest stable release of Version 1 is available on PyPI.


An open-source serialization format and API library to support data interchange across the entire mining community.


This library provides an abstracted object-based interface to the underlying OMF serialization format, which enables rapid development of the interface while allowing for future changes under the hood.


  • The goal of Open Mining Format is to standardize data formats across the mining community and promote collaboration
  • The goal of the API library is to provide a well-documented, object-based interface for serializing OMF files


OMF is intended to supplement the many alternative closed-source file formats used in the mining community.


This library makes use of the properties open-source project, which is designed and publicly supported by Seequent.


To install the repository, ensure that you have pip installed and run:

pip install --pre omf

Or from github:

git clone
cd omf
pip install -e .

3D Visualization

To easily visualize OMF project files and data objects in a pure Python environment, check out omfvista which provides a module for loading OMF datasets into PyVista mesh objects for 3D visualization and analysis.